Gregory F.


"M"r. (7)Gregory (6)F. "Photo"graphy

/Mr. G.F. Photography/

noun: Describes the man behind the camera by name but its presented from his prospective and vision like his photography.


Years ago my when I was younger, my brother had several black & white photos taken of him. I caught myself sitting there in a daze just admiring the workmanship, the detail s and at that moment that’s when I realized I fell in love with the art of photography. The shading, lightness, darkness, and creativity of photography was introduced to me. The picture would remind you of the infamous death row records “Vibe” magazine cover, completely black & white. But at a young age, you don’t understand or hear your calling in life. I was reintroduced to my calling, when a good friend of mine started doing photography and I was able to receive high quality pictures of myself but still didn’t accept the reality of my calling. It wasn’t until I found a serious interest with taking pictures with my brother’s first SLR camera on vacation. After that it was history.

I’m an 80’s baby Brooklyn based photographer in the city that never sleeps. Since it never sleeps it’s always competitive and I don’t compete. I’m here just sharing my vision and I hope you like it…

Enjoy it!


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